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Delivery anywhere in Sophia Antipolis refrigerated truck so that the cold chain is not broken,any other destination, please contact us, we thank you for sending us your orders before 10:30 or on our website or by calling 06 03 88 42 51 for delivery from 12:00

We offer your 16th meal according to your previous orders.

The satisfaction of our customers, our key to success is primarily related to the quality of our products whose freshness is an essential component.

This is why your entire order will be prepared to call. When busy, problems technical or climatic constraints, this period may be extended. You will then be warned.

The Cafe Sophia has 2 refrigerated vehicles to deliver you the freshest and faster. In accordance with European regulations on health and transport of perishable foodstuffs which requires the use of a refrigerated vehicle for deliveries, the terms the cold is not broken: the quality is at the rendezvous